Ensure all modes of transportation are safe, affordable and accessible for residents of all ages and abilities, particularly older adults

  • Expedite repair, maintenance and construction of sidewalks, curb cuts and street lighting
  • Remove vegetation adjacent to sidewalks to increase pedestrian infrastructure and safety
  • Increase seating options, including covered seating and close-by parking at public transit stops
  • Evaluate and install pedestrian-friendly crossing signals
  • Provide sidewalk infrastructure in places frequented by older adults
  • Improve street lighting
  • Improve visibility of crosswalks for older adults whether walking or driving
  • Replace missing street signs/traffic signs with easily readable, well-lit signage and address access and functional needs


Provide residents with the information and tools they need to make informed travel choices

  • Create integrated system for scheduling transportation options
  • Create a centralized clearinghouse for seamless information for the public


Create an ongoing dialogue and innovative transportation options and expand models for the future

  • Identify gaps in existing transportation services
  • Obtain additional funding to support innovative opportunities and models for transportation and expand existing options
  • Provide public transportation discounts to older adults
  • Ensure ride-sharing options for older adults using different types of transportation like city vans, neighborhood vehicles, and nonprofit transportation providers
  • Evaluate transportation needs and options in new home developments and neighborhood planning


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