Respect and Social Inclusion

Expand programs that engage and empower older adults

  • Expand activities, services and programs likely to attract older adults (develop survey to determine priorities)
  • Promote age-friendly customer service practices in City departments
  • Support AustinUP in developing age-friendly business best practices


Create intergenerational opportunities for seniors

  • Invest in intergenerational education partnerships with colleges, schools, universities, libraries and senior programs
  • Ensure all City recreation centers provide programs and activities for seniors that are intergenerational and provide dynamic volunteer and co-learning opportunities


Expand access to services and participation by older adults in diverse communities

  • Recommend to Commission on Seniors to work with other commissions and boards representing diverse communities
  • Continue Commission on Seniors participation on the Joint Inclusion Committee, which advises City Council on diversity and inclusion issues
  • Ensure services and programs targeted to seniors respect racial, ethnic and cultural diversity and are welcoming and inclusive
  • Advocate that all City programs, services and strategic plans address the needs of seniors


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