Expand and promote the development of diverse housing options that are affordable for seniors of different income levels

  • Encourage the development of new and innovative models of affordable housing (multigenerational, co-housing/cooperative housing)
  • Increase and prioritize funding for affordable housing for seniors (housing bonds, housing trust fund)
  • Expedite the City’s permitting process and promote flexible zoning
  • Increase outreach and community awareness about diverse housing options
  • Increase access to rent and utility assistance programs to keep seniors in their homes


Support and expand affordable housing options for seniors

  • Fund improvements and renovations of public housing for low-income seniors
  • Replicate successful models of mixed income senior housing communities and encourage redevelopment
  • Address the impact of increasing property taxes


Expand assistance for affordable home repair, maintenance and modification for seniors of all income levels

  • Expand support for the Austin Housing Repair Coalition
  • Increase home access for seniors through design modification that improves safety and “visitability”
  • Improve access to energy efficiency and weatherization programs
  • Expand the Village concept to engage volunteers and neighbors to help with simple, preventative maintenance


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