Community Support and Health Services

Sustain and enhance investment in affordable, accessible, and holistic care that will build a vibrant and productive senior community

  • Build awareness of public, private and nonprofit low- or no-cost senior health services availability in citywide promotional materials
  • Create focus groups of city and community representatives with the charge of developing a strategic plan to integrate aging, mental health and wellness programs
  • Develop health outreach programs and community care clinics, including mobile clinics and mobile food vans, in neighborhoods with dense and growing populations of older adults
  • Expand opportunities for affordable and accessible health care services not covered by Medicare, e.g., dental, hearing and vision


Ensure access to proper support services, community resources and information for successful aging environment

  • Expand community outreach and public awareness around caregiver support and in-home support programs, including respite care, palliative care and other home-based supportive services
  • Support a robust awareness and education campaign focused on SNAP outreach and the benefit of investing in better food choices for better health outcomes
  • Provide broad access to healthy culturally appropriate foods, local farmers markets, co-ops, grocery stores, community gardens, and corner stores in neighborhoods
  • Expand culturally responsive family caregiving programs and resources including dementia care, community respite care and home-based supportive services


Provide information, education and training to ensure the safety, wellness and readiness of seniors in emergency situations

  • Provide formalized emergency preparedness training that includes promotion of existing registries to seniors and caregivers at senior community centers, congregate sites, and any other venue deemed appropriate
  • Ensure emergency responders are trained in age-friendly best practices to be prepared to respond to the needs of this population during emergency events
  • Provide emergency response, preparedness strategies on the CoA website specific to the needs of the senior population
  • Add emergency preparedness script with guidance for 311 operators


Prevent financial exploitation, neglect, and the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of seniors

  • Strengthen elder abuse detection by providing education to law enforcement and other first responders
  • Provide detection, prevention and reporting strategies on the COA website specific to the needs of the senior population
  • Create partnerships to provide educational materials related to identifying and reporting senior financial exploitation targeting banking and financial institutions
  • Add elder abuse, neglect, and fraud script with guidance for 311 operators


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2 comments on “Community Support and Health Services
  1. Kim says:

    How do you plan to help fixed income housing problems for the 50-60 somethings without savings anymore due to job market?

  2. Dave Piper says:

    Pass ordinances that will slow the gentrification of my central Austin neighborhood. Density and reduced parking requirements in areas where small, single family houses exist with old people like me will accelerate the rise of land prices and property taxes and also clog the streets with cars. Adding sidewalks everywhere isn’t feasible.

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